Fly Fishing For Trout In Tampa Bay

For many people speckled Sea Trout are their favor species to fish for and Tampa Bay is a wonderful place to do it. Tampa Bay has great year around trout fishing and if you are just getting started in fly fishing Trout are a great way to started. They are abundant and take a wide variety of flies and on most days pretty easy to find. In Tampa Bay you can sight fish them over sand or in the troughs around oyster bars and rocks or you can blind cast for them over grass flats. The trout average 15 to 25 inches with some real monsters above 30 inches. One of my favorite things about trout fishing is you can do it in areas where you will find other species. Tarpon, Redfish, Black Drum, Cobia, Pompano, Ladyfish, Flounder, Bluefish, Jacks are just some of the other species you may come across while trout fishing.

If you are new to saltwater fly fish and want to catch a lot of fish then you should go trout fishing.  I take a lot of very experienced lake and stream fly fisherman out for their first adventure in the salt water.  I usually  start the day  blind casting for trout to explain the differences between fresh water and saltwater fly fishing.  We spend a little time working on setting the hook with a strip set instead of raising the rod (a tough habit to break if you’ve been raising your rod your whole life). This process is very helpful for those anglers who want to learn how fish the right way and will pay off when the opportunities with large fish happen.


I was new to fly fishing and have had the opportunity to fish with Capt. Dave on number of occasions.  As we started my first trip I could not haul or shoot any line on my cast (but I still caught fish)  By the end of the trip, with the help from Dave I could double haul and shoot line.  I have fished with him now six times and my cast has gotten a lot better.  On our last trip together I caught nice trout seven casts in a row. I would strongly recommend him as a guide.

– Ben Blanco

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You can use a wide variety of flies to catch Spotted Sea Trout. Bait fish patterns and shrimp patterns both work well. Your selection of what type of fly to fish should be determined by water depth, the type of bottom you’re fishing, and if you are sight fishing or blind casting. For blind casting it is hard to beat chartreuse and white clouser with the appropriate weight for the depth of water you’re fishing. When you’re targeting trophy trout, switch to a larger fly. I use an olive and white half and half. When sight fishing, I like to switch to a small weedless shrimp type pattern that will land softly on short casts. Another great and exciting way to target them is to use top water flies. Poppers and gurglers in white tan and black are some of my favorites.

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