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For many anglers Snook are the ultimate game fish. I can understand why. They grow large, they eat a wide variety of natural bait lures and flies, they run fast, jump and do not give up easily.

In the winter of 2009-2010 all of Florida experienced record low temperature, sending the water temperature below the healthy level for several species of fish resulting in a large fish kill. Snook took a bad hit through out Florida resulting in the FWC closing Snook for harvest for all of 2010. Because of some of the deep water refuges in Tampa Bay our region didn’t get hit as bad as other regions.

I didn’t target Snook at all during 2010 (though we did see some real monsters while Red fishing and caught a few as bi-catch while fishing other species) trying to do my part in helping the fishery recover.

Currently we are back hunting Snook again.  In late February or early March the Snook start to move out of their back water shelters and sun themselves over sand flats and on the edges of grass flats. This can be great sight fishing as they usually have a black back  to soak up that sun. The fish can be large and very aggressive. As the summer begins the Snook move to the passes and the beach to spawn. They are easy to see on the beach sand and when the tide is flowing, feed pretty well.


  • 7-10 weight rods
  • Floating, floating with clear sink tips and intermediate line
  • Flies, small bait fish, crab and shrimp patterns (elephants eat peanuts)

A twenty pound Snook on fly is a true trophy fish. The Tampa Bay area is a place that you can catch this trophy.

The Snook fishing in 2018 has been very good.

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In Tampa Bay we are able to fish for Snook in a lot of different places and habitat so your fly selections really depends on where you’re fishing. Around mangroves and docks, bent backs work well because you need to try to get the fly as close to the structure as possible, and a properly tied bent back is less likely to snag, so you can be more aggressive with you cast. If you’re targeting Snook in open water over grass, mud or sand your standard bait fish patterns work well. I have found that smaller flies work better for me. You should try both glass minnow and white bait type patterns.

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