About Dave

Captain Dave’s passion is sight fishing.
His specialty is saltwater fly-fishing for Tarpon.
He’s developed a keen ability to locate the target species of fish. He knows how to help you present the lure or fly precisely and successfully land the fish. When that fish weighs 150 pounds, like a Tarpon, a lifetime dream can be fulfilled.

In late spring through mid-summer, the Tampa Bay Tarpon fishery is among the best you will find. We target the fish in three to eight feet of water so can see the “take”. You can expect multiple shoots and some days you can be casting at fish all day. Tarpon are big fish weighing 60 to 200 pounds, and a twelve-weight rod is required.


Most of your fishing will be “Keys style” with Captain Dave on a poling platform, looking for fish and instructing you where to cast. Making that cast in the right location and having the fish “take” is a true rush. Some angling skill is needed for this type of fishing, though you do not need to be a world class caster. It is Captain Dave’s job to get the boat in the right position so you can make the cast. If your skills are a little rusty, we will spend some time getting the rust out first. Then, when you are face-to-face with that trophy, you will have the confidence to place that cast were it needs to be.

The Boat

The Maverick 18.5 foot Master Angler offers a vast, stable, comfortable ride, with plenty of rod and dry storage. Designed by serious anglers, the Master Angler will take you safely into the shallowest salt waters.

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